Consultants Weigh In on State Budget Battle

Errol Louis discussed his interview with the mayor and the state budget battle with the “Consultants Corner”: Republicans Jake Menges and Tom Doherty, and Democrats L. Joy Williams and Evan Thies.

A celebration for Dems? Not so fast.

Trump is as low as it gets in polls. Federal judges have blocked the travel ban (again). The White House’s Russia problems seemingly have no end.

De Blasio’s Smooth Ride?

Will Mayor de Blasio have a smooth ride to re-election? After City Councilman Eric Ulrich announced he will not run for mayor, Josh Robin discussed de Blasio’s campaign with the Monday Consultants Corner: Democrats Bill Hyers and Alexis Grenell, and Republicans Jessica Proud and J.C. Polanco.

Consultants say Bharara is well-positioned

“Sky’s the limit for him. Democrats are desperately searching for a hero right now and he’s smartly stepped into that void,” said Lis Smith, a Democratic consultant. “Hard to see much in the way of downsides in this fight.”

Busting up Tech’s Bad-Boy Culture

“high performers” have free rein to sexually harass their female subordinates.Uber’s response tells us as much about the corrosive bro culture in too many workplaces as the allegations themselves.

Bill de Blasio’s ‘Vision’ Shrinks

The ambitions of Mr. de Blasio’s progressive government, once richly grandiose in his promises to unite a city starkly divided along economic lines, have become grounded – both by the stark realities of governance, and politics.