Consultants Evaluate Legislative Session

Josh Robin wrapped up the end of the legislative session in Albany with Democratic strategists Alexis Grenell & James Freedland and Republicans Leticia Remauro & Jonathan Greenspun….

Tech start-ups find scorched-earth strategy can backfire

Imagine someone walks in to your home uninvited, tracks dirt on your floors, eats your food, pockets the silverware and rearranges your furniture. You ask, “What do you think you’re doing?” They answer: “Disrupting.”

How Hillary Earns Men’s Scorn

Bernie Sanders has repeatedly challenged Hillary Clinton to release her Goldman Sachs transcripts, stirring intrigue about three speeches for which she earned a total of $675,000. Although Sanders’ point is that Clinton is too compromised to fairly regulate Wall Street, his unstated accusation is that she’s also rich and greedy….