With our decades of experience in public affairs, government and campaign work, we fight harder and smarter to champion engaged, creative and passionate projects—whether we’re running a campaign, advancing an issue, or representing a company. 



Today’s controversy is tomorrow’s consensus. We determine the best strategy with the most effective message, and execute. Our suite of services – media relations, message development, internal communications, writing, research and paid media – all work together to win.



Every campaign is a unique challenge—requiring a mix of intelligent analysis, expert management and a resonant message. Pythia guides candidates to victory through every aspect of a campaign – from policy to press – as well as the day-to-day oversight of the entire operation.



Companies that change industries, cities, and our daily lives meet myriad challenges along the way. We power-map the political and media landscape to make sure our clients’ deliver the best message, to the right people, in the most effective way.


Project management
and strategy

Pythia can act as general consultant for your cause, campaign or company, managing other consultants and the client’s own team in order to accomplish the client’s goals.

Media relations

Pythia’s extensive relationships with journalists across a wide spectrum of news outlets enable it to place stories and opinion pieces in all forms of media (from longstanding mainstream publications to emerging niche outlets and many in between), handle all media requests and crisis communications, and extensively engage with journalists to shape stories.

Digital + Social

Pythia can handle every aspect of an effective digital strategy so that supporters (and opponents) are identified and targeted, useful data is collected, and resources are well-spent.

Stakeholder Engagement

To engage stakeholders effectively, Pythia can develop and implement comprehensive efforts that include canvassing, database building, list acquisition, and power-mapping of influential leaders and decision-makers.

Advertising & paid media

As part of Pythia’s integrated approach to campaigning, we leverage paid media to gain traction. From highly-targeted social media content and other digital programming to television/radio ads and traditional out-of-home or mail programs, we reach the right audiences by developing compelling ads to change perspectives, spark action and drive results.

Tactical communications

Maintaining a consistent, positive presence with a clients target audience often requires a host of additional creative communications tactics. Among other services, Pythia can provide: phone-banking, social media toolkits, executive positioning, speechwriting, op-ed placement, and graphic design. 

Creative production

Amid the clutter of infinite content and finite attention spans, to earn relevance and capture attention you need not just a resonant message but a way for it to stand out. Pythia develops polished and and evocative content including original video designed for sharing across platforms, effectively designed print and digital materials, and strong branding. Rooted in research and audience insights, our content breaks through to advance the dialogue.

Brand development

An organization’s “brand” is so much more than a logo or visual identity. Those that thrive internally and are admired externally succeed in getting people to believe in their work. Often, this means they convincingly answer the question, “why are you here?” — now more vital than ever in building authentic relationships with core audiences. Pythia puts purpose at the center of our approach to brand development — whether it’s for a newly formed organization or evolving and reframing to better meet the moment and achieve objectives — and builds a system for infusing it into all of the ways you show up.

Media training

We have not only put many of our clients in front of a camera, but we have firsthand experience being in the hot seat ourselves. It’s all too easy to take the bait and be drawn away from your core message when the pressure is on — even for the most expert professionals. Pythia leads engaging, interactive training sessions to help clients and their teams build confidence in speaking to press and mastering tips and tricks to ensure every opportunity you engage in is one you walk away from feeling like you nailed it.